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The Art World Passport (AWP) is an international artistic intervention by artHARARE that engages its audiences in a refreshing and immersive experience that explores the themes of migration, identity, memory, artistic practice  and archiving, while celebrating the importance of mobility and diversity in the global art community. Artists that have participated in the project are  Wonai Haruperi, Kudakwashe Chakwanda, Nothando Chiwanga, Lennox Makurumidze, Martina Gruber and Tinotenda Chimuka

The artworldpassport is an artwork that is created and owned by its holder or bearer. It grants them metaphorically the freedom to pass through the art world without hinderance, and the provides the opportunity for the holder to create their own narrative as they journey through the art world. Through this visual narrative, we aim to shed light on the significance of migration, memory, archiving and its impact on shaping our world.

The central theme of our presentation revolves around identity and global migration and the crucial role it plays in fostering cultural exchange and understanding. By highlighting the visual narratives , we aim to challenge stereotypes and promote empathy, encouraging viewers to recognise the humanity and contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

At the core of the project, a dynamic performance takes place, inviting audience members to participate in the creation of their own "Art World Passport." Visitors will be invited to apply online for this symbolic passport, symbolising their journey through the art world and their connection to the global community. Upon application, each participant will have two photographs taken by a photographer exhibiting in the booth. One photograph will be attached to their new Art World Passport document, mimicking the format of a traditional passport. The second photograph will be added to the ongoing exhibition installation, further enriching the visual narrative of global migration.

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